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Editing My Essay Example

Altering My Essay Example Altering My Essay †Essay Example In 300 words or less, depict why you have picked wellbeing sciences as a vocation and how you will add to the calling My energy to seek after a profession in wellbeing science started since my youth days, practically all vocations in the field of wellbeing science have consistently interested me making it hard to pick one. The principal experience I had with a wellbeing setting was in secondary school through a volunteer program, I was progressively intrigued by word related/exercise based recuperation. In school, I choose to take a word related treatment course that was being offered so as to familiarize myself with information about the calling to assist me with choosing which field of word related treatment I would spend significant time in. Because of my longing to turn into a remarkable word related advisor, I chipped in at the Wake Forest Camp Rehab Center where I increased more information and involvement with word related treatment to assist me with pursueing a master’s qualification in word related treatment. My character as a sympathetic individual, which I acquired from my mom who has been a medical attendant for a long time, is an attractive attribute in this calling and decides achievement of a profession in word related treatment. My craving to roll out an improvement in people’s life has been fuelled by my sympathetic nature toward word related treatment patients who should be thought about with a ton of patient and modesty. For example, some word related advisors simply go through 15minutes with a patient then they are in a rush to release him (Kramer and Hinojosa 65). This isn't right for a word related advisor who is required to invest more energy with the patients particularly in the event that they had booked an arrangement or there is no line of different patients standing by to be dealt with, patients ought to be dealt with energetically to guarantee they are satisfied with treatment in the wake of visiting a word related specialist. Works refered to Kramer, Paula, and Hinojosa, Jim. Casings of Reference for Pediatric Occupational Therapy. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2010. Print.

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Explaining the Importance of Introducing U.S. Health Care Reforms

Moral Framework for Discussing U.S. Medicinal services Reforms A moral way to deal with a dynamic procedure ought to give a noteworthy move to the view of social insurance protection and cost issues in the United States. Clinging to free and equivalent access surprisingly to the great clinical consideration regardless of societal position, nationality, race qualification, and sexual orientation, acquainting new methodologies with designating assets, just as justifying the expenses and protection of medicinal services framework would be principal for the U.S. wellbeing circle. Publicizing We will compose a custom article test on Explaining the Importance of Introducing U.S. Social insurance Reforms explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More To acquaint changes with the American human services, it is basic to keep to an utilitarian moral system where a value activity is ethically advocated on the off chance that it gives positive results to people. In this regard, â€Å"th e results of driving medicinal services exclusively to advertise forces†¦ isn't seen as adequate when a huge bit of the populace needs access to wellbeing services† (Steinbock, Arras, London, 191). Presenting freedom constraining standards, especially the idea of paternalism and social government assistance ought to give noteworthy upgrades to the nature of human services specifically and life of U.S. residents as a rule. Besides, taking a gander at the issue of assets assignment, explicit consideration ought to be paid to the issue of human rights, especially to the balance of people in the public arena. This guideline ought to be pertinent to social insurance framework too. Underpinnings for Introducing Health Care Reforms: Comparing Current Situation with That in Other Countries Criticism of human services circle in the United States is supported on the grounds that numerous specialists feature the entanglements and disadvantages of the present circumstance. Specifical ly, Orszag demands that â€Å"improving the nature of social insurance and decreasing its cost will necessitate that specialists make numerous changes† among which â€Å"working on ends of the week and consenting to quality administration are two clear ones† (n. p.). As it were, the essential spotlight ought to be made on the nature of social insurance conveyance, just as equivalent access surprisingly to free clinical treatment. At any rate all individuals ought to be furnished with proficient assistance independent of protection arrangements. Comparative concerns are communicated Affordable Health Choices Act predicting revamping of human services framework and its poop to a patient-focused way to deal with clinical treatment administrations (Morgan 1). Furthermore, high caliber of care should imagine social wellbeing and government assistance for all U.S. residents, which as per assembly have equivalent rights for clinical treatment (Steinbock, Arras, London 175). A similar investigation of U.S. medicinal services framework with the social insurance frameworks in different nations features the current holes in the American protection medical problems, just as nature of clinical treatment. For example, the insights gave by the World Health Organization demonstrate French human services to be the first while the U.S. framework takes the 37th spot (Shapiro n. p.). Promoting Looking for paper on wellbeing medication? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The nature of the French framework, in this way, bases on the ideas of decisions and alternatives, which is actually the U.S. framework needs. Pondering on the German medicinal services, Knox states, â€Å"†¦there’s typically practically no hold on to get elective medical procedure or demonstrative tests, for example, MRI. It’s one of the world’s best medicinal services frameworks, obvious in manners that most German take for granted† (n. p.) Just like the U.S. country regards its social and social qualities, the Dutch arrangement of medicinal services picks a national way to deal with treating their qualities. Regarding their patients’ perspectives and rights, they attempt to join rules that would be compatible with their good and morals (Neighmond n. p.). At last, the circumstance in the UK gives genuine underpinnings to the United States to thoroughly consider the adjustments in the circle of social insurance as charge as protection hole is concerned (Silberner n. p.). As to the above-introduced realities, presenting steady changes and noteworthy changes to the U.S human services is basic to take care of the critical issues on the grounds that the arrangement of giving all residents protection fizzled (Reid n. p.). As to consultations on the future viewpoint of Medicare, it is difficult to decide whether future changes will be effective or not on the grounds that such a large num ber of holes have been featured. The most noteworthy likelihood of progress can happen moral structures will be presented and underscored on the grounds that they can add to a compelling dynamic procedure (Grouse, n. p.). While exploring the issue of assets portion, much concern ought to be centered around the needs of putting asset either in mechanical turn of events or in the real conveyance of top notch administrations (Steinbock, Arras, London 190). Talking about cost issues and sane assignment of medicinal services assets requires thought of moral standard in a more extensive philosophical setting. Building up paternalistic standards on private segment can add to better conveyance of clinical treatment to bigger measures of populace. While thinking about a moral structure and enactment, much consideration ought to be paid of life selections of people. In this regard, â€Å"everyone is ensured access to â€Å"acceptable level† or †¦of wellbeing care† and, unde r these conditions, â€Å"society will have satisfied its good obligation† (Steinbock, Arras, London 175). An objective dissemination of assets will deny human services arrangement of the issue of alarm assets and will guarantee free and equivalent access of the U.S. residents to the social insurance foundations. Promoting We will compose a custom paper test on Explaining the Importance of Introducing U.S. Human services Reforms explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More moreover, there ought to be a satisfactory calculation of spending private and government budgetary assets to give barely compelling medicines. So as to present such changes, troublesome choices ought to be made in light of the fact that doctors ought to reevaluate their moral standards and present ethically defended plans of patient treatment. Concerning the above-introduced suspicions and discoveries, it ought to be focused on that the issue of uses and assets portion ought not compromise the we llbeing of people. While designating assets, the essential spotlight ought to be made on the U.S. Constitution uncovering uniformity and opportunity as need standards. Utilitarian standards ought to likewise be taken into the most profound thought to give a move to existing medical coverage framework and acquaint huge changes with the general U.S. medicinal services framework. Also, utilizing the best social insurance changes works on occurring in different nations features the significance of presenting new moral and legitimate models for improving the personal satisfaction in the United States. Above all else, substantial changes ought to be acquainted with the circle of doctor’s duties and commitments, just as quality administration concerns. Second, the rule of conveying clinical assets ought to be founded on tolerant situated methodology, where the essential concern ought to be associated with the degree to which an individual needs assistance, yet not with the nearness of protection. At long last, presenting freedom constraining and right standards are among the most significant moral rules that ought to be trailed by human services experts. Works Cited Grouse, Lawrence. Doctors available to be purchased: How Medical Professional Organizations Exploit Their Members. 2008. Web. Knox, Richard. Most Patient Happy with German Health Care. National Public Radio. 2008. Web. Searching for paper on wellbeing medication? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Morgan, Rebecca. AACP Support New Healthcare Reform Legislation. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. 1-2. 2009. Web. Neighmond, Patti. Netherlands’ Health Care Reflects National Values. National Public Radio. 2008. Web. Orszag, Peter. Wellbeing Care’s Lost Weekend. The New York Times. 2010. Web. Reid, Thomas R. T. R. Reid: Can We Really Fix U.S. Social insurance? The Commonwealth Club of California. 2009. Web. fix-us-human services Shapiro, Joseph. Human services Lessons from France. National Public Radio. 2008. Web. Silberner, Joanne. MS Patient Falls into American Insurance Gap. National Public Radio. 2008. Web. http://www.npr.or g/formats/story/story.php?storyId=92067101 Steinbock, Bonnie., Arras, John., London, Alex. L. Moral Issues in Modern Medicine. US: McGraw Hill. 2003. Print. This article on Explaining the Importance of Introducing U.S. Medicinal services Reforms was composed and put together by client Archer D. to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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What Is Laissez-Faire Leadership The Pros and Cons

What Is Laissez-Faire Leadership The Pros and Cons Theories Personality Psychology Print Pros and Cons of Laissez-Faire Leadership By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on July 14, 2019 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on October 01, 2019 More in Theories Personality Psychology Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Behavioral Psychology Cognitive Psychology Developmental Psychology Social Psychology Biological Psychology Psychosocial Psychology In This Article Table of Contents Expand Characteristics Benefits Potential Problems View All Back To Top Laissez-faire leadership, also known as  delegative leadership, is a type of  leadership style  in which leaders are hands-off and allow group members to make the decisions. Researchers have found that this is generally the leadership style that leads to the lowest productivity among group members.?? However, it is important to realize that this leadership style can have both benefits and possible pitfalls. There are also certain settings and situations where a laissez-faire leadership style might be the most appropriate. Knowing your dominant leadership style can be helpful for understanding your own strengths and potential weakness. Verywell / Hugo Lin Characteristics of Laissez-Faire Leadership Laissez-faire leadership is characterized by: Very little guidance from leadersComplete freedom for followers to make decisionsLeaders provide the tools and resources neededGroup members are expected to solve problems on their ownPower is handed over to followers, yet leaders still take responsibility for the groups decisions and actions There have been a number of well-known political and business leaders throughout history who have exhibited characteristics of a laissez-faire leadership style. Steve Jobs was known for giving instructions about what he would like to see to his team but then leaving them to their own devices to figure out how to fulfill his wishes.?? Former U.S. President Herbert Hoover was famous for taking a more laissez-faire approach to governing, often by allowing more experienced advisors to take on tasks where he lacked knowledge and expertise. Benefits Can work for motivated teams with high expertise and skills Creative teams may value the independence Works well when leader provides needed information and materials at start of project Drawbacks Not good for groups lacking needed skills, motivation, adherence to deadlines Can result in poor performance and outcomes Leader may appear uninvolved Confusion over roles in the group Benefits of Laissez-Faire Leadership Like other leadership styles, the delegative approach has both a number of benefits and shortcomings. Sometimes this style can be effective, particularly if it is used appropriately in the right settings and with groups that respond well. Some examples of when this style of leadership works well: When team members have the skills to succeed. Laissez-faire leadership can be effective in situations where group members are highly skilled,  motivated,  and capable of working on their own. Since these group members are experts and have the knowledge and skills to work independently, they are capable of accomplishing tasks with very little guidance. When group members are experts. The delegative style can be particularly effective in situations where group members are actually more knowledgeable than the groups leader.?? Because team members are the experts in a particular area, the laissez-faire style allows them to demonstrate their deep knowledge and skill surrounding that particular subject. When independence is valued. This autonomy can be freeing to some group members and help them feel more satisfied with their work.?? The laissez-faire style can be used in situations where followers have a high-level of passion and  intrinsic motivation  for their work. While the conventional term for this style is laissez-faire and implies a completely hands-off approach, many leaders still remain open and available to group members for consultation and feedback. They might provide direction at the beginning of a project, but then allow group members to do their jobs with little oversight. This approach to leadership requires a great deal of trust.?? Leaders need to feel confident that the members of their group possess the skills, knowledge, and follow through to complete a project without being micromanaged. Downsides of Laissez-Faire Leadership Laissez-faire leadership is not ideal in situations where group members lack the knowledge or experience they need to complete tasks and make decisions. This style of leadership has been linked to negative outcomes including poor job performance, low leader effectiveness, and less group satisfaction.?? Some people are not good at setting their own deadlines, managing their own projects and solving problems on their own. In such situations, projects can go off-track and deadlines can be missed when team members do not get enough guidance or feedback from leaders. Some possible negative sides of the laissez-faire style: Lack of role awareness. In some situations, the laissez-faire style leads to poorly defined roles within the group.?? Since team members receive little to no guidance, they might not really be sure about their role within the group and what they are supposed to be doing with their time. Poor involvement with the group. Laissez-faire leaders are often seen as uninvolved and withdrawn, which can lead to a lack of cohesiveness within the group.?? Since the leader seems unconcerned with what is happening, followers sometimes pick up on this and express less care and concern for the project. Low accountability. Some leaders might even take advantage of this style as a way to avoid personal responsibility for the groups failures.?? When goals are not met, the leader can then blame members of the team for not completing tasks or living up to expectations. Passivity and avoidance. At its worst, laissez-faire leadership represents passivity or even an outright avoidance of true leadership.?? In such cases, these leaders do nothing to try to motivate followers, do not recognize the efforts of team members, and make no attempts at involvement with the group. If group members are unfamiliar with the task or the process needed to accomplish the task, leaders are better off taking a more hands-on approach. Eventually, as followers acquire more expertise, leaders might then switch back to a more delegative approach that gives group members more freedom to work independently. Where Laissez-Faire Leaders Might Thrive If you tend to have a more laissez-faire approach to leadership, there are areas and situations where you might tend to do better. Working in a creative field where people tend to be highly motivated, skilled, creative, and dedicated to their work can be conducive to obtaining good results with this style. For example, a delegative leader might excel in a product design field. Because team members are well-trained and highly creative, they likely need little in the way of management. Instead, an effective leader can provide minimal oversight and guidance and still produce high-quality results. Laissez-faire leaders typically excel at proving information and background at the start of a project, which can be particularly useful for self-managed teams. By giving team members all that they need at the outset of an assignment, they will then have the knowledge they need to complete the task as directed. Even in such fields, it may pay to utilize a variety of leadership approaches at different phases of the work process. For example, laissez-faire leadership may be most effective during the early phases when a product or idea is being brainstormed or created. Once the design is in place and ready for production, it may be best to switch to a style that involves more direction and oversight. A leader with this style may struggle in situations that require great oversight, precision, and attention to detail. In high stakes and high-pressure work settings where every detail needs to be perfect and completed in a timely manner, a more authoritarian or managerial style may be more appropriate.?? Using a laissez-faire approach in this type of scenario can lead to missed deadlines and poor performance, particularly if group members are unsure of what they need to be doing or do not have the skills they need to perform tasks with little to no direction. A Word From Verywell The laissez-faire style of leadership is often dismissed as one that leads to poor group outcomes, but it can be appropriate and effective in a variety of situations. In a setting where group members are highly skilled and motivated, it can actually produce excellent results. Because team members get to exercise a great deal of freedom free from excessive micromanaging, they often feel more inspired and creative. If you tend to be more of a laissez-faire leader, you may find it helpful to think about the sort of situations where you might excel in a leadership role. In settings where the group needs more oversight or direction, you may find that you need to consciously focus on adopting a more authoritarian or democratic approach.?? By examining your own style, you can hone your skills and become a better leader.

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The Wife of Bath s Prologue and Tale Or Wives Gone Wanton - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 955 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/10/30 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Wife of Bath Essay Did you like this example? After reading the Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale, I can say this: Alisoun (the titular Wife of Bath) may be many things, but subtle is not one of them. If she thinks it, she says it. If she likes it, she loves it. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Wife of Bath s Prologue and Tale Or Wives Gone Wanton" essay for you Create order If she doesnt like it, shes going to raise hell until she gets it exactly how she does like it. You can tell that Chaucer has a particular fondness for her, in the way that he writes about her, and yet she is far from being an angel on a pedestal like Dantes Beatrice. Personally, I still cannot decide if I adore her or hate her. On one hand, she is an acerbic caricature of everything medieval misogyny taught and thought about women; shes been known to lie, shes a borderline nympho, shes manipulative and controlling of her husbands (yes, husbands plural), a gold-digger, and she presumes to know better than the men around her rather than bowing down to their assumed superiority. However, for a work of medieval literature, she is about as close to a feminist icon as we are likely to find. While society might try to rein her in or put her in her place (like the Friar who starts throwing a little shade her way when he thinks her prologue has gone on too long), she doesnt listen, she just keeps on doing her own thing while defending and promoting the unique privilege of being a woman. Alisoun is proud to be a woman in every possible way. She even has a name for her lady bits (she calls it her bele chose or pretty thing). She enjoys and exercises her sexuality to the fullest (reminding her audience that once husband number five joins the choir invisible, shes going to be on the lookout for husband number six, because shes not about to be chaste). She brags about her five marriages as a thing of honor rather than something of which she should be ashamed, a stance which she would defend to any seemingly pious critics out there with a slew of bible verses to back her up. She states that her many marriages have made her something of an expert in the ways of love, and that suc h experience allows her to tell her story. Then we finally actually get to the story she was going to tell in the first place. Upon first reading, I was confused by the time she spent introducing the story, thinking to myself, seriously woman, how damn long are we going to dwell on your love life here? Is there a point? Is this at all related to the story which you intend to tell? Once I read this section in its entirety though, I understood she was trying to set up the main point of her tale, that happiness in marriage for women means having mastery over their husbands and lovers and that men would be happier if they would just go along with it. Such dominion is ultimately what all women most desire supposedly, according to the Wife of Baths Tale, although I would highly contest that idea both in my personal life and in the evidence given by the story itself. After all, the only husband that Alisoun supposedly married for love and physically desired the most was the one whom she in itially couldnt dominate or control! To me, she makes it clear when she says in lines 513-519 that: I believe I loved him best, because he was of his love standoffish to me. We women have, if I shall not lie, in this matter a curious fantasy: note that whatever thing we may not easily have, we will cry all day and crave for it. Forbid us a thing, and we desire it He wasnt at her beck and call like every other man, and she loved him all the more for it. I felt that way about Jonathan. Believe it or not, I was once a hot commodity on the dating market and I had a veritable throng of guys hanging around hoping to either get a piece of tail or else hope to one day be my boyfriend, all of which were failing miserably in varying degrees. I was avoiding commitment like medieval pilgrims avoiding the plague. Then Jonathan stepped in. He was the only man who not only desired me for something more than a good time but also pursued me in a real way. He didnt follow me around like a lovesick puppy, nor did he try to put himself in my good graces by being a nice guy or by playing it casual while never really asking for a commitment like some of the guys I had been out to dinner with around the same time. He made his intentions clear and he treated me with respect. He made it clear he wasnt going to compete with a bunch of lunkheads and that he wasnt looki ng to just have a good time. If I wanted him, he wanted me, and he thought we ought to make a go of it if I did. Otherwise he wasnt going to waste his time. That made me want him like crazy, just by merit of the fact that I couldnt just string him along. Thats why I just dont buy Alisouns story, although now I understand all that misogynistic bullshit that Gawain was spouting in the end of his own tale in much better context. Sir Gawain is one sick mofo, who should have gotten his head cut off for his horrible crime of rape. He did not deserve a happy ending with a beautiful young woman. That really pissed me off.

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Organic Compound Names and Formulas That Start with A

This is a list of organic compounds and their formulas whose names begin with the letter A. Abietane - C20H36Abietic acid - C20H30O2Acenaphthene - C12H10Acenaphthoquinone - C12H6O2Acenaphthylene - C12H8Acepromazine - C19H22N2OSAcetal (1,1-diethoxyethane) - C6H14O2Acetaldehyde - C2H4OAcetaldehyde Ammonia Trimer - C6H15N3Acetamide - C2H5NOAcetaminophen - C8H9NO2Acetaminophen (ball and stick model) - C8H9NO2Acetaminosalol - C15H13NO4Acetamiprid - C10H11ClN4Acetanilide - C6H5NH(COCH3)Acetic acid - CH3COOHAcetoguanamine - C4H7N5Acetone - CH3COCH3 or (CH3)2COAcetone (space-filling model) - CH3COCH3 or (CH3)2COAcetonitrile - C2H3NAcetophenone - C8H8OAcetyl chloride - C2H3ClOAcetylcholine - (CH3)3NCH2CH2OCOCH3.Acetylene - C2H2N-Acetylglutamate - C7H11NO5Acetylsalicylic Acid - C9H8O4 (also known as Aspirin)Acid fuchsin - C20H17N3Na2O9S3Acridine - C13H9NAcridine orange - C17H19N3Acrolein - C3H4OAcrylamide - C3H5NOAcrylic acid - C3H4O2Acrylonitrile - C3H3NAcryloyl chloride - C3H3ClOAcyclovir - C8H11N5O3Adamantane - C10H16Adenosine - C10H13N5O4Adipamide - C6H12N2O2Adipic acid - C6H10O4 Adiponitrile - C6H8N2Adipoyl dichloride - C6H8Cl2O2Adonitol - C5H12O5Adrenochrome - C9H9NO3Epinephrine (adrenaline) - C9H13NO3AflatoxinAIBN (2-2-azobisisobutyronitrile)Alanine - C3H7NO2D-Alanine - C3H7NO2L-Alanine - C3H7NO2AlbuminsAlcian blue - C56H58Cl14CuN16S4Aldosterone - C21H28O5Aldrin - C12H8Cl6Aliquat 336 - C25H54ClNAlizarin - C14H8O4Allantoic acid - C4H8N4O4Allantoin - C4H6N4O3Allegra - C32H39NO4AllethrinAllyl propyl disulfide - C6H12S2Allylamine - C3H7NAllyl chloride - C3H5ClAmide general structureAmido black 10b - C22H14N6Na2O9S2p-Aminobenzoic acid (PABA) - C7H7NO2Aminoethylpiperazine - C6H15N35-Amino-2-hydroxybenzoic acid - C7H7NO3Aminophylline - C16H24N10O45-Aminosalicylic acid - C7H7NO3Aminothiazole - C3H4N2SAmiodarone - C25H29I2NO3Amiton - C10H24NO3PSAmobarbital - C11H18N2O3Amoxicillin - C16H19N3O5S.3H2OAmphetamine - C9H13NAmyl nitrate - C5H11NO3Amyl nitrite - C5H11NO2Anandamide - C22H37NO2Anethole - C10H12OAngelic acid - C5H8O2Anilazine - C9H5Cl3N4Aniline - C6H5 -NH2 / C6H7NAniline hydrochloride - C6H8ClNAnisaldehyde - C8H8O2Anisole - C6H5OCH2Anisoyl chloride - C8H7ClO2Anthanthrene - C22H12anthracene – (C6H4CH)2Anthramine - C14H11NAnthranilic acid - C7H7NO2Anthraquinone - C14H8O2Anthrone - C14H10OAntipyrine - C11H12N2OAprotinin - C284H432N84O79S7Arabinose - C5O10H5Arginine - C6H14N4O2D-Arginine - C6H14N4O2L-Arginine - C6H14N4O2Aroclor (polychlorinated biphenyls) - C12H10-xClx where x 1Arsole - C4H5AsAscorbic acid (vitamin C) - C6H8O6Asparagine - C4H8N2O3D-Asparagine - C4H8N2O3L-Asparagine - C4H8N2O3Asparagusic acid - C4H6O2S2Aspartame - C14H18N2O5Aspartic acid - C4H7NO4D-Aspartic acid - C4H7NO4L-Aspartic acid - C4H7NO4Aspidofractinine - C19H24N2Asphidophytidine - C17H22ClN3Aspidospermidine - C19H26N2Astra blue - C47H52CuN14O6S3Atrazine - C8H14ClN5Auramine O - C8H14ClN5Aureine - C18H25NO5Aurin - C19H14O3Avobenzone - C20H22O3Azadirachtin - C35H44O16Azathioprine - C9H7N7O2SAzelaic acid - C9H16O4Azepane - C6H13NAzinphos-methyl - C10H12N3O3PS2A ziridine - C2H5NAzithromycin - C38H72N2O122-2-azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN)Azo violet - C12H9N3O4Azobenzene - C12H10N2Azulene - C10H8Azure A - C14H14ClN3S

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Fear Of The Unknown Has Been A Constant Thread Intricately

Fear of the unknown has been a constant thread intricately interwoven throughout the tapestry of my life. Although intricate in color and vast in depth, it has furrowed a chasm in my past, present and dare I say future. As a seminarian on the verge of graduation the prior statement may appear somewhat odd. Aptly applying a biblical scripture such as â€Å"God has not given us the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind†, should suffice to calm anxiety and trepidation. However, I have not found this the case. With greater scrutiny, I ponder what are the next steps in my life and what are my expectations for ministry? For the immediate future, I desire rest to regain a sense of peace and spiritual renewal. Solace and time alone†¦show more content†¦My pastor, who served as my site supervisor was supportive of my interning at church, although there were occasions where we differed on matters of best methods to fulfill ministerial obligations. He strongly affirms that nothing comes before God. Unfortunately, this includes all obligations outside of the church, i.e. family, work, and school. Vacation may be permissible, but not time off to attend to matters outside of church. On one occasion, my place in the leadership training course was at stake due to my seeking time away to handle school deadlines that were steadily approaching. This caused great angst for all parties concerned, which was very disconcerting for me. The reasoning for taking such a hard stance is primarily due to this course being the first leadership training class held at the church, taught by the pastor. He wants to see a return on his investment of time and resources. Although, I do understand the importance of dedication and commitment, equally vital is the necessity to allow for life’s random and intrusive moments to be allotted for. Feeling overwhelmed is not a matter of choice, but in most instances an end result of taking on more than you ar e able to handle at one time. The plenary sessions were very beneficial in addressing my stress related issues. I have often heard it said, â€Å"What the mind cannot contain will impose itself on the body.† Consequently, I found this true as my health issues took a turn forShow MoreRelated Virginia Woolfs Mrs. Dalloway - A Modern Tragedy Essay3723 Words   |  15 Pagesnecessary element, from Aristotles definition, is structural unity. It consists of an interrelationship of events within the plot. Each event must follow, causally, preceding action to form a coherent whole. According to Aristotle, a whole is that which has beginning, middle, and end (233). The Poetics further states: Again to be beautiful, a living creature, and every whole made up of parts, must not only present a certain order in its arrangement of parts, must also be of a certain magnitude (233)Read MoreImpact of Science on Society38427 Words   |  154 Pagestransportation, and, indeed, even the lengt h and quality of life itself, science has generated changes in the moral values and basic philosophies of mankind. Beginning with the plow, science has changed how we live and what we believe. By making life easier, science has given man the chance to pursue societal concerns such as ethics, aesthetics, education, and justice; to create cultures; and to improve human conditions. But it has also placed us in the unique position of being able to destroy ourselvesRead MoreImpact of Science on Society38421 Words   |  154 Pagestransportation, and, indeed, even the length and quality of life itself, science has generated changes in the moral values and basic philosophies of mankind. Beginning with the plow, science has changed how we live and what we believe. By making life easier, science has given man the chance to pursue societal concerns such as ethics, aesthetics, education, and justice; to create cultures; and to improve human conditions. But it has also placed us in the unique position of being able to destroy ourselves

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Poetry Criticism free essay sample

Write a critical appreciation of the poem INCENDIARY by Vernon Scannell. You should comment on theme, diction, tone and structure. An incendiary is a bomb which sets things on fire, which gets across the idea that the boy was like a dangerous weapon, ready to explode at any time. This poem is about a boy who sets a farm on fire in hope that he receives the attention he has been longing for. In the first line, the poet describes the boy to have a face â€Å"like pallid cheese†. This simile is depicts the boy to look quite sick and weak. We immediately feel pity and realize that the boy is uncared for. The poet also describes the boy to have â€Å"burnt-out little eyes† implying that, with reference to fire, his eyes have died out showing that he has lost hope. The fire was huge, boiling and all-consuming, as implied in this quote: â€Å"As brazen fierce and huge, as red and gold and zany yellow. We will write a custom essay sample on Poetry Criticism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † This suggests that the fire was a multitude of colours- â€Å"red, gold and zany yellow†. It was also bold, savage and extremely big- â€Å"Brazen, fierce and huge†. The word zany also suggests it being, uncontrollable or wild. The poet shows the extent of damage caused by the fire through the quote â€Å"spoiled three thousand guineas† worth of crops. The fact that he uses â€Å"guineas† could imply that the poem was set some time ago. Scannell portrays the scene as frightening and very damaging: â€Å"Is frightening- as a fact and a metaphor†. He describes the flames as â€Å"flame-fanged tigers†. This is a metaphor in which the flames are compared to tigers; wild animals which are perceived as viscous and ferocious. These large flames are said to be â€Å"roaring hungrily†. The use of the word â€Å"hungrily† implies that the flames are consuming while the use of the word â€Å"roaring† is an onomatopoeia showing that the fire was loud. The reader no longer feels a sense of pity towards the boy because he has caused so much irreversible damage. The feeling of hostility is heightened through this quote: â€Å"And frightening too that one small boy should set the sky on fire and choke the stars†. This use of personification portrays the image of the large amount of smoke rising so high that it blocks out the stars. This could possibly be another indication of lost hope as the light of the stars is no longer visible. The poet once again tries to make us feel pity for the boy: â€Å"Such skinny limbs and such a little heart which would have been content with one small kiss had there been anyone to offer this†. This quote once again introduces the theme of neglect. His â€Å"skinny limbs† show that he is malnourished. The boy is longing for â€Å"one warm kiss† which gives the reader an idea of his motives. He is probably seeking attention, in an effort to be loved. The poem doesn’t have a particular rhyme scheme however rhyming couplets appear three times throughout the poem, one of them appearing at the end. Like this, the poet emphasises specific lines in which he may want to be particularly powerful. When a poem ends in this way after not having much rhyme throughout, it can make it more emotionally moving. Due to the lack of punctuation and the effect of the rhyming couplets that appear, the tone is quite fast which possibly indicates the short amount of time in which the farm caught fire. It may also create a lively atmosphere to bring the energy of the fire to life. In this poem, Scannell uses an exaggerated but possible example of what a child may do when he or she is uncared for. Through this he tries to show us the consequences and dangers of neglecting children and the desperate measures they may turn to.