Friday, February 21, 2020

Brave mother Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Brave mother - Essay Example of the modern world, the role of the mother in the lives of her children has come to diminish, especially with the empowerment of women and their taking up of roles, which were previously reserved for men. The modern world has brought about plenty of challenges to motherhood, and some of these challenges tend to revolve around the fact that mothers are either working fulltime, or that they are going to college to further their education. While in previous generations the chances of couples divorcing were extremely slim, in the contemporary one, it has become commonplace, with many marriages falling apart in very short times. When this happens, it has become the norm for mothers to be given full custody of their children, which has led to the burden of the raising of children to become solely the domain of the mother. This situation has become extremely difficult especially when one considers that many mothers have to balance either work or school with the raising of their children; s omething which is becoming extremely difficult to achieve especially for those families that need an income. Today, mothers are faced with the task of not only raising their children, but also their fulfilling their obligations to their employers in order to earn an income. This raises the need for mothers to balance their work and family life. In order to achieve this, many mothers have looked for alternatives, which will not only enable them to work effectively, but also be able to spend time with their children. One of the ways that many mothers seem to be adopting is that of working from home. Many mothers have chosen to telecommute and this has ensured that they are able to spend more time at home working during the time when they would have been commuting to work. This has enabled them to get rid of work faster so that when their children come home from school, they find their mothers free to spend valuable time with them. Working mothers have also taken to using one calendar for

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